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Russ Berrie Pavilion
Room 238
1150 St.Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY   10032

Phone: 212-851-5332
Fax: 212-851-5335

-Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons
-Department of Medicine
-Division of Endocrinology
-Columbia University Diabetes & Endocrinology Research Center
-Naomi Berrie Diabetes Center

Insurance Plans
Blue Cross-Blue Shield

Hospital Affiliations
New York-Presbyterian Hospital

Domenico Accili, M.D.
Professor of Medicine

Research Summary
The Accili laboratory studies the mechanism of insulin action and the pathogenesis of diabetes, with a focus on pancreatic beta cell failure

Research Activities
Dr. Domenico Accili is Professor of Medicine at Columbia University and Director of the Columbia University Diabetes and Endocrinology Research Center in New York City. A graduate of the University of Rome, his training in Internal Medicine was served at the University Hospital Gemelli, also in Rome. Following a Fogarty Fellowship in the Diabetes Branch of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive Kidney Diseases, he became Chief of the Section on Genetics and Hormone action of the National Institute of Child Health at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. Since 1999, he has served on the faculty at Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons and as an Attending Physician at Columbia-Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr. Accili’s research has delved into the pathogenesis of diabetes, the integrated physiology of insulin action and mechanisms of pancreatic beta dysfunction. He is best known for the identification of a family of DNA-binding proteins that collectively regulate diverse pathophysiological processes, including liver glucose and lipid production, food intake, insulin production and adipogenesis. He has received numerous awards, including the 2003 Lilly Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement by the American Diabetes Association. His work has been published in leading medical research journals. He has served on several editorial boards, including the Journal of Clinical Investigation and Diabetes. He is a member of numerous advisory panels for academia, government and industry. He is an elected member of the Association of American Physicians and the American Society for Clinical Investigation. His work is supported by the National Institutes of Health, the American Diabetes Association, the Russ Berrie Foundation, and the Brehm Coalition.

Service Activities
Dr. Accili serves as an Attending Physician on the Medical Service at New York's Presbyterian Hospital

Positions & Appointments
2011-present Russell Berrie Foundation Professor of Diabetes in Medicine Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons New York, NY
2003-present Director, Columbia University Diabetes & Endocrinology Research Center Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons New York, NY
1999-present Professor, Department of Medicine Columbia University College of Physicians & Surgeons New York, NY
1996-1999 Chief, Unit on Genetics and Hormone Action, Developmental Endocrinology Branch NICHD, National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD
1990-1995 Visiting Scientist, Diabetes Branch NIDDK, National Institutes of Health Bethesda, MD

Education and Training
1977-1983 M.D. University of Rome School of Medicine, Rome, Italy
1983-1985 Intern and Resident, Department of Medicine University Hospital "Gemelli", Rome, Italy
1985-1988 Fogarty Fellow, Diabetes Branch NIDDK, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD

Honors and Awards
Chafic Haddad Lecturer, Middle East Medical Association
Roberto DePirro Lecturer, Symposia on Insulin Receptors and Insulin Action
Novo Nordisk Lecturer, Tokyo, Japan
Kato Lectureship, Kato Foundation, Tokyo, Japan
Mary Webber Parker Lecturer, Wayne State University, Detroit, MI
Gerald Friedman Lecturer, Tufts University, Boston, MA
Pincus Taft Lecturer, Australian Endocrine Society
Elected to the American Society for Clinical Investigation
Mercy Health Partners Endowed Visiting Professor
Lilly Visiting Professor, UCSF
Lilly Award for Outstanding Scientific Achievement, American Diabetes Association
Kroc Lecturer, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Meites Lecturer, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI
Pfizer Visiting Professorship, University of Louisville, KY
Davidson Lectureship and Award, University of Toronto,
J.S.L. Browne Lecturer, McGill University, Montreal, QC
Loeb Lectureship, Columbia University, New York, NY
Amgen Distinguished Speaker, Amgen, Inc., Thousand Oaks, CA
Elected to the Association of American Physicians
29th Annual William Resnik Lectureship, Stamford, CT
Albert and Miriam Weinstein Lecturer, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN
Aubrey E. Boyd Lecturer, Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, TX
Kroc Lecturer in Diabetes and Endocrinology, University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL
3rd J. Denis McGarry Lectureship, Montreal Diabetes Research Center, Montreal, QC
Kroc Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Rifkin Visiting Professorship, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Bronx, NY
Keynote Speaker, 84th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Endocrine Society, Kobe, Japan
Delbert Fisher Lecturer, University of California Los Angeles

Committees and Society Memberships
Member NIDDK Council
Diabetes Gene Discovery Group, Genome Canada
European Group for Type 2 Diabetes Genetics (EUGENE)
Organizer, Keystone Symposium on Diabetes
External Advisory Board, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA
Medical Sciences Oversight Committee, American Diabetes Association
CSR, Endocrinology Study Section
CSR, Metabolism Study Section
Advisory Board, NIDDK Beta Cell Biology Consortium
NIDDK Special Statutory Funding Program for Type 1 Diabetes Research
CSR, Molecular and Cellular Endocrinology Study Section
Chair, Beta Cell Group, Diabetes Research Strategic Plan, NIDDK

Selected Publications:
1. Pajvani UB, Shawber CJ, Samuel VT, Birkenfeld AL, Shulman GI, Kitajewski J, Accili D. (2011) Inhibition of Notch signaling ameliorates insulin resistance in a FoxO1-dependent manner. Nature Medicine 17:961-7

2. Lin HV, Accili D (2011) Hormonal regulation of hepatic glucose production in health and disease. Cell Metabolism 14:9-19

3. Kim-Muller JY, Accili D. (2011) Cell biology. Selective insulin sensitizers. Science 331:1529-31

4. Plum L, Lin HV, Dutia R, Tanaka J, Aizawa KS, Matsumoto M, Kim AJ, Cawley NX, Paik JH, Loh YP, DePinho RA, Wardlaw SL, Accili D. (2011) The obesity susceptibility gene Cpe links FoxO1 signaling in hypothalamic pro-opiomelanocortin neurons with regulation of food intake.
Nature Medicine 15:1195-201

5. T. Kitamura, Y. Feng, Y. Ido-Kitamura, S.C. Chua, A.W. Xu, G.S. Barsh, L. Rossetti and D. Accili. (2006) Forkhead protein FoxO1 mediates Agrp-dependent effects of leptin on food intake. Nature Medicine 12:534-540

6. Banks AS, Kon N, Knight C, Matsumoto M, Gutiérrez-Juárez R, Rossetti L, Gu W, Accili D. (2008) SirT1 gain of function increases energy efficiency and prevents diabetes in mice. Cell Metabolism 8:333-41

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